Christine Jeffryes – Artist – Logo Designs

Christine entered our competition to win a logo design, which we ran throughout the start of June. We requested some information from Christine on what her logo would be used for and to gain an insight into her colour and style preferences. We worked alongside the colour preference, using a variety of blue, green and turquoise hues, to create a design that would work well in both its’ colour version and in black and white. We was able to come up with concepts showing both Christine’s name and also alternative ideas using only her initials. As Christine wanted a logo to be used alongside some of her artwork in order to boost her online marketplace, we sent across a range of designs, incorporating a mixture of both sleek design styles and artistic imagery such as paint splashes. Christine was able to select from the designs provided, or alternatively select a range of elements that could be incorporated into a new design. Christine selected one of the five draft logos provided; and her chosen logo incorporates both her initials and her full name; as well as the title of Artist. We love the design of this and feel it would look great across both her online branding and in print.

Client: Christine Jeffryes
Date: June 16, 2017
Service: Design