GN Photography – Logo Designs

Another one of our pre-launch logo design winners, Guy, required a design that would look great for use on his website in order to showcase his photography and increase online sales of his work. Originally we designed a series of five draft designs, using a mixture of Guy’s full name and just the initials GN. As showcasing his work is paramount to the service that Guy provides, where we have incorporated imagery into the logo, we took some of Guy’s own work from his portfolio and implemented this within our designs. We also made use of some more subtle elements of photography, such as incorporating the shape of a camera aperture for a selection of the draft logos. Guy was able to select elements from these to create a new design if required. However Guy was happy with the logos provided, selecting a design incorporating a camera icon, which was custom drawn for his project. Guy then also requested the use of a second logo which used his own images, imbedding these into an aperture shaped design, for use on the cover of his portfolio. We was more than happy to oblige as we think either of his chosen logo designs would work well for him.

Client: Guy Nesher
Date: June 15, 2017
Service: Design