NSARDA – Leaflet, Infographic & Banner Design

We are proud to have been able to work alongside a regular client of ours, to help design a series of print-ready documents for use by the NSARDA charity, that he works very closely with. Using photography and copy supplied by our client and NSARDA, we was able to work with some of the charities’ existing materials in order to bring the information and designs up-to-date with the their current activities. The turnaround time of this project was extremely short and our team was able to, in just 48 hours, recreate an updated series of designs for our client to send off for printing. All charity related work is provided by TRACE at a discounted rate, but this discount will never be reflected in the quality of the work provided; you can still expect us to give everything to any project we undertake. NSARDA volunteers work tirelessly with specially trained search and rescue dogs to help locate vulnerable missing persons. Support their team and the work that NSARDA does by seeing how you can get involved and support the charity by visiting their website here.


Client: NSARDA
Date: October 5, 2017
Service: Design