Promotional Flyers and Posters

Promotional Flyers and Posters

On the lead up to Christmas, we were asked to produce a series of Flyers and Posters to promote some local events. The events were aimed at providing high-end experiences, with sit down meals, cocktails and entertainment. The events also commanded dress codes and prices were set for inclusive tickets in advance. There was a lot of information to be introduced on each flyer; and so for these, the back was used for menu option choices and additional contact information. The first set of designs were required with a very short turnaround time to promote an upcoming Murder Mystery event; and the second set to prepare for a Summer music event and party. Whilst the events were both planned by the same company, the promotional material needed to vary greatly between the two.

When planning the design for the murder mystery flyer and poster, we created two separate designs. The first mock-up used a Sherlock Holmes type theme, which was more cartoon like in appearance; incorporating investigative elements such as the use of a magnifying glass to draw focus across the page. The second was a much darker, dramatic image of a train appearing through smoke. After creating the initial mock designs, the client opted to continue with the second version. The document was then edited with multiple layers to create an obscured appearance, mimicking elements of the unknown. This was a lengthy process, but one that we feel has worked really well to provide an element of mystery and adventure; reflecting the activities provided through attendance at the event.

The summer event designs were formed with tropical experiences in mind and two mock versions were created for the client to choose from. The first of these was designed using a leafy border and the second with a beach scene. Margate is close to the beach and so the beach theme for an event here would be very fitting. The client opted to go with this design, with additional beach orientated elements, such as a beach ball and parasol.

This was an enjoyable project to work on and we wish the client all the best for their upcoming events.


  • Client: Chris Watson
  • Service: Flyer Design