Victoria Williams – Dressmaker – Logo Designs

Victoria was one of our competition winners (yes we ended up with four) and we was excited to get started with the work on her project. Victoria had a colour scheme in place for use in her brand identity and a focus on producing clothing that would be priced on a par with other premium high street fashion labels. With this in mind, we designed a series of five logos, incorporating icons that are synonymous with dressmaking, textiles and fashion. We made use of her colour palette, using it sparingly so that each draft logo was not overpowered by multiple colours. The font that Victoria wanted to use for her website was a simple sans-serif type face, so we thought utilising a more fancy seriffed font in her logo would be beneficial. We provided Victoria with a range of logos that used both the seriffed font; and some using the san-serif typeface. After discussing this further with Victoria, it became clear that her focus was to have a much simpler logo, with no embellishments or straplines; and using a strong font suitable for printing onto material. Victoria provided us with some sample labels that she would be having her logo printed onto and we returned to the drawing board, providing a new and refined set of designs. The selected logo is simple, elegant and suited to the style Victoria was hoping to achieve.

Client: Victoria Williams
Date: June 19, 2017
Service: Design